Monday, December 27, 2010

Sweets and candies and all things nice

the beef taste much better than it looks

gift swap. pretty bling bling bag charm but I've got no where to hang it.

simply love this cat necklace. Oh E, you know me so well :)

an assortment of gifts from work. these people are so sweet. 
if only my boss is sweet. hah! even my boss's boss gave me a present.
I feel bad, I didn't get anything for them :(

handmade sweets from the company. pretty colours.

X'mas day was spent at Ron's place. No pictures were taken.. too caught up with all the food and kids. There is a picture of the cupcakes we brought in, but it's still in my camera.. need to transfer it over. will post it if I remember. really pretty.

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