Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm sick! Arrgh! This bout of flu is worse than last week's episode... I thought much rest and medicine last week will take care of it... but... nooooooo... this time, it strikes without any warning!

I was drinking coffee on Wednesday when I suddenly felt mucus dripping down my right nose and I started sniffling! Then my nose became blocked and I thought.. nevermind, maybe it will go away.. aircon was cold or something. *sigh* Instead, it became a massive cold when I settled in for dinner at home. I had the works.. chills.. sweating and had to sleep with 2 pillows propped up. I popped pills from last week's consultation and it helped a bit.

Yesterday, I had to skip the flu med cos of drowsiness and opted for Clarinase instead. Unfortunately, I ran out of it and found a lone tablet in my bag (dunno when is the expiry date). Anyway, I felt really lousy and sick. My whole body hurts, my eyes hurts, my nose drips and my joints hurts.. really hurts. I got home yesterday and I laid down to rest, even my finger joints hurts. I was scared. Jun/Jul last year was bad and I haven't fallen this sick in almost a year.. On & off flu and stuff- yes. But not fever and this horrible flu I'm having.

I will continue to take my flu tabs and rehydrate and hopefully tonight will be better.


Negativity really breeds illnesses. The lingering bouts of self net worth questionings and people with low morales around me may have affect my physical health somehow. I will admit.

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