Sunday, July 25, 2010

Coffee with Eunice :)

it's so much fun playing with photography apps on the iPhone. seems so strange that we like to go back to the retro ways having grainy, blurred and strange coloured photos when about 6 years ago, it's all about sharp images true to their actual colours.

it's nice to have options, really. met up with Eunice for coffee last evening. terrified of spreading my flu to her, but our meet ups have been postponed twice and I should be getting better. no sharing of food but lots of hugs nevertheless. :)

discussed loads on music, performance, marketing strategy and how much rejections hurts. (yes, it's applicable to me because I also got rejected and ignored doing some sales and marketing calls- good learning experience by the way) so next step, gig on Fri 30/7 @ 15 Mins Cafe- 8:30pm and Sat 31/7 @ Orchard Borders - 3pm and another one in Sept. looking forward to it!

it's admirable, what she does, to live for yourself, your beliefs, your passions. I wished I have something, a goal to work towards to.. something that I really really want. but I'm still exploring and looking and believing that my life is worth living for. and some day, I will have a passion for something that I will work very hard for. 

I ain't no want to be some pawn in a big organisation that just wants cheap labour.

it's a shame, big company, high on the listing but just want to squeeze each and everyone dry on the meagre carrot. it's like this everywhere.. big organisations. anyway, I just have these thoughts especially so in recent happening and looking at how sad people at work are. I have to remain positive and filter negative thoughts!

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