Friday, July 23, 2010

C stands for cookies and cookies starts with C!

I have passed by The Cookie Museum @ Esplanade a couple of times and have been meaning to drop in to check it out. To drink tea and to feast on their interesting cookies favours. 

So SY & I dropped in this week and fortunately it wasn't crowded. The service was  good, very attentive chap and we had free cookie tasting and 1 pot of tea (Queen's Earl Grey Tea) for free. He gave details to every cookies we sampled and the Nasi Lemak cookie was very interesting. Yes, you heard right, Nasi Lemak! And the taste was strange, totally nesi lemak!
There's peanuts, ikan bilis, chili and hinge of coconut. woot! Strange, but good!

It's like a painting within a painting. So pretty!

feels really victorian 

pretty rose design on the table

we ordered a second pot of tea (promaganate white tea) and a plate of cookies (mint with white chocolate, chocolate and chamomile flavoured)

lovely cup of tea. I felt so lady like :)

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