Saturday, September 4, 2010

Walking to the library and digital art

In an attempt to start living a healthy lifestyle and to try to minimize the fats multiplying in our body, we decided to be healthy and walk.

So we walked from our place to the library, then to HV (with the aid of bus to 2 bus stops) before our destination, and walking home with  significant weight of some groceries.

I'd like to think that some weight have been lost, but that's just wistful thinking on my part. Will try to walk as much as I can, and most importantly be healthy!

Night view
it's quiet and the light breeze caresses.
Trees lines the pavement
shadows cast an art
it's pretty romantic :)

 saw some digital art display in the library by Radin Mas Primary school. It's impressive and I'm still processing the fact that Pri school teaches digital art. Wow! I recall art lessons in Pri School to be about using crayons and water colours as a medium. And collages. wow. 
Different generation. I'm old.

September 2010- Go green.

Love my area. Love my library.

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