Friday, September 24, 2010

Cold and bundled

yes, it's me.. all huddled up on our humid shores. feeling miserable and sick right now. Inflamed throat, scratchy eyes, feverish, achy joints and cold. Went to see my Dr earlier, he's 74! I looked at him with grand-daughterly love and listen to his jokes (he thinks I'm having F1 fever- and maybe an hr at the tracks at Marina Bay tonight will help perhaps?) :) and listened to his sister who is his clinic nurse about him retiring soon. I feel sad. I know he should take a break and do what he wants to do but I do know that he likes being here for his patients and aiding the old and failing residents at this estates. He has been my Dr since I was a baby, giving my my first jabs and treating my baby illnesses, so I will miss him if he retires.

for someone in the medical line, I hate visiting a Dr and will try to self medicate as much as possible before stepping foot into a clinic and paying horrendous amount for trade medications. I ever paid up to S$80 for some nasal spray and dunno-what-else at a 24hrs clinic in HV. Thank goodness it was a co-payment and the claimed medical amount was quite substantial. I'd like to think that my Dr is a kind man unlike other mercenary Drs that I have came in contact with who views medicine as a profit earning business. He has done so much for me... and he has touched my entire family and a few primary school friends who visits him when they are sick even though it's a distance from where they lived!

it just rained heavily and am now huddling in front of my lap top, I'm thankful that I went to see him earlier. I'm going to have some hot tea and a bun and hope to feel better soon.


Serena said...

Are you fully recovered hunnie? Take good care k, maybe u need another holiday to chase away the flu bugs =)


moshi mooch said...

Thanks hunnie!

I supposed I'm better, just on and off feeling feverish, temperature borderline. Goes away so should be ok.

hahaha... yup!! need another trip! =P