Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thoughts on the recent case of a misbehaving male anatomy

This story has been circulating around the media, TV news, internet, lifts and random snips in the office for a week and I'm getting a little annoyed by the extensive news.

Honestly, like every kaypoh residents of the red dot, my first reaction was shock - How can he do that? But...but.. he's like the wholesome mascot of family man and morales and every movie of his advocates good morales (It's akin to attending moral Ed in school).

Then, what in the world's name was the girl thinking about when she hold a press conference to expose him for goodness sake! Did she really think thoroughly on the impact this incident will have on her in the future? She's only 22 and frankly, the world will close an eye to a man's infidelity but some would speak harshly of her when the full impact affect's the family and children.

And yes, forums and internets are displaying views condemning both of them.

Then.... like everyone out there around me..... "He's so old..... and not good-looking... and eww.. it's Liang po po ... Jack Neo leh... how can??!" He has been compared to Tiger Woods but nowhere as good looking. Maybe rich.

Ah, then his true colours starts to leak and The Straits Times- Life section wrote half a page article saying that a girl has stepped forward and reveals how he sexually harassed her by holding her hands, messaging her, complimenting her and promising her to be the next Fann Wong and when she didn't turn up at a hotel, he placed her in cold storage. 


And Hollywoodcelebgossip website actually has reports on this! Wah!
It says here that he wooed 11 women and and from what I heard from friends who read "Shin Min" & "Wan Bao", they are mostly young girls and he abused his authority as a director. Straits Times continues to report that he also hit on a 16 year French Girl in 2004. 

To cut the long story short, he held a press conference and his wife fainted. At that moment when I watched the news, I feel for the wife. Why did he asked her to be at the press conference? This is his own wrong doings. If he dares to misbehave, he should face it like a man, not cry and hide behind his wife and hope for sympathy. I empathised with his wife and after watching the segment on the 9pm news, I asked hubby why did the other woman choose such a public humiliation to this whole scandal and what is it she wants out of this, why torture the wife and children? It's at this instance that I momentarily felt that the other woman was wrong.... 

But hubby calmly pointed out, "If there's one person to blame for all this, it's JN himself, because he made the first mistake and it snowballed"

The whole thing seems staged. Why hold a press conference when you are not ready? Unless you just want the public to see how sad you are. Why not wait awhile longer and answer the public's questions? I think the wife's fainting seems real, I don't think one can act like that faced with a life changing grief and any woman who witnessed it would feel strongly.

Someone also wrote that this press conference is a diversion to cast the attention to his wife and not his wrong doings and to redirect the public's attention to sympathise him and his family instead of focusing on his affair and predatory behaviour. Guess what? It works on me. Momentarily, I forgot the root of the scandal.

So, what made me write this? Today's paper. The New Paper.

An exclusive interview with the man himself, who apologised to everyone on his blog. He admits to only one affair but dispute the rest of the harassment. He asked for their motives in coming forward, are they out to "join together to cast stones at me" when he's "down and out"?

And I got angry. How dare this man says something like this? It's precisely because of man like this who deflect the problem and make himself the victim instead causes many girls not to report cases of rape, abuse and harassment. Other than fame, why would any girl want to tell 5 million people or more that hey, I got sexually harassed? Hubby says it to expose the man of his true colours, to show the world that he is not what he seems. I agree. It takes a lot of courage to say "No" to someone who is older and in some influential position. And when you do, you wonder, would he talk behind your back or would he make life difficult for you. It would take a lot of courage and alcohol to broadcast this piece of information, details and names to the whole wide world. So unless it's the desire to be famous, I would think it's the truth.

No one who is not raped or sexually harassed would stepped forward to say so. I hate it when men turn the tables on the victims.

I have to say it. This man is an asshole and many more %%$%*(&.!!!!

I didn't want to comment on this scandal initially but his remarks today made me sooo angry. 

He is a weak man. Though it's consensual, I pity the other woman. He would apologise to his wife and family and to us strangers, but he would not apologise to her. Married man who stray will never truly feels for the mistress. When there's a storm, he will run back to the wife with tail between his legs and hides. The other woman will always be at the losing end. 

Marriage is sacred and a blessing and we have to love, honour and cherish. Infidelity is a sin.

He is after all a director. We are all audiences in his current film.

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