Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stuffed full with training and food

Am having a 7 days training @ M Hotel. And dare I say this... I'm enjoying every moment of it! Well.. I can't say for next week's training yet.. but should be fine.

Met new people who are extremely helpful and professional and nice. And cute. Hehe.

Also felt good to be of support to the rest of the local and overseas team. Had a chance to visit out of bound areas and had some insight to how procedures and workflow are carried out. Good for my own knowledge and for future references.

And the food that I consumed everyday... OMG. Breakfast at 8:30, tea at 10:00. buffet lunch at 12n and tea again at 3:00! The food is good and because I can't eat much, I just have to taste a bit of each every day. heh.

I try to be positive and appreciate everything each single day. Though there are days when I'm overwhelmed, I tell myself to count my blessings.

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