Thursday, March 11, 2010

Makan_10: Fish & Chips & Ice Mocha & Apple Crumble Ice Cream

@ Rider's Lodge Cafe, 51 Fairway Drive & PS Cafe, Dempsey


Serena said...


Yeeesssss FINALLY i can comment! Sorry i made u change yr settings just cos i was too lazy to trace my blogspot password or create a google account.

I love yr pictures! They always make me so hungry... hungry for food that sometimes are not available here!!! Hey yr photo skills are really gd hun, keep it up!


Serena said...

Ops... said too soon...

For some reason i can't sign in with livejournal, but Gavin had created a gmail account for me last night and it works! Sorry for all yr trouble hunnie =(

moshi mooch said...

heheh! thanks hunnie! so happy that you can finally comment here :)