Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pretty Pink

(Background: CNY bed sheets from Ikea)

Ta daa! My nails over CNY period. Yes, I know I spoke of eating paint off my nails and so on but when CNY is around the corner, pedicure is being done and the place is nice and relaxing and not all pushy, I said, "I also want pretty fingernails... so yes, manicure it is!"

Took awhile to get use to the colour and having colours on my nails ( last manicure was for my wedding 2.5 years ago) but I got used to it and started to enjoy watching my nails tap tap over the key pads and holding on railing in train.

Just remove it earlier today, lasted 9 days, edge starts to peel and hubby spoke out my fear whilst I was enjoying my pineapple tarts and such. ".... stop licking your fingers, paint - toxic...."

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