Friday, February 12, 2010

CNY: Ang Pows

CNY takes on a new meaning for me in 2008, because that's the first year that I started giving out ang pows. And in order to "motivate" my inner child to be more enthusiastic about CNY (visitations of long distance relatives and boring sessions of meaningless chit chat), I started to buy cute ang pows for 2008 (rat) & 2009 (ox). And yes, it's a waste of money but some of them were really cute! Like Mickey Mouse for the year of Rat.

Surprisingly, CNY became a little more interesting for me. Maybe it's my inner auntie screaming out or maybe because CNY visitations has been streamlined and I'm no longer required to face meaningless people and endure the visits that I feel are a waste of time.

Instead, I only visit people that means something to me and when I have to go to places where I have no idea how to occupy the time ahead, I change my mindset and try to find alternative entertainment there. Maybe it's also because I'm getting older and values the fading traditions and family. Being a wife too also has added roles.

So, I hope this year will be fun and lovely and no, I didn't have to spend a single cent on Ang Pows this year as everything is FREE! yay!

so cute too....

From John Little

Tiong Bahru Plaza



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Serena said...

Hey i recognize some of those angpaos! That TBP game was so beyond silly but we kept going back for the red packets! Wonder if anyone won?