Friday, November 28, 2008

A good rub down

Thanks to Miz who gave me a gift voucher to House @ Dempsy, I had a really fabulous massage.
This was my first ever body massage where I have to take my clothes off ("_") and lie still and relax for 1 hr. Gosh, just thinking about me made me nervous!

But it was all good, I had the House Proud where I was kneaded and had all my knicks eased out with a good Tui Na rub. The masseur was from China and she have very strong hands. I was so relaxed that I couldn't keep my eyes open after the message.
Then I was rubbed down with ginger and black pepper oil and soon wiped off with a hot towel off all residual oil. It didn't strike me as being marinated until I reached home, I had a whiff of myself and felt that I smelt of foodcourt. Not appetising. Heh.

Hubby met me after the massage and we ate at Barracks Cafe.

From Left: One meter long sausage (chicken), Old-Fashioned American sliders and us posing.

I was still in a happy and relaxed mode. 

The food was good. Maybe I was hungry but the beef was medium rare and the bacon and chedder cheese made the burger extra yummy. It was accompanied with fries and sweet potatoes which was sprinkled with sugar.

The sausage looked like a snake and taste like sausage. (hmmm...) Love the sweet mustard dip. Complements well.

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