Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bento and Wine

So hubby and I went to ICA today He to collect his passport and me, my new IC. Yes mdm! It;s my coming of age IC. I'm 30! Woohoo!

Anyway, Isetan Scotts is having a Jap food fair and off we went to see what can we buy. We sample a couple of stuffs, most worthwhile scallops! It really ex.. I have to ask hubby exactly how much, he's sleeping now.. ssh. So we sampled and bought our dinner.
Here, before it's open..
and here.. yummy looking isn't it?
Hubby had pork don bento and me, crab don meat bento. It actually looks better then it taste, just so so, but hey, cheaper than eating at a restaurant.
Really love how the Japs packaged their stuffs, I'm a sucker for packaging!

Apparently rice is harvested in Autumn in Japan (early Sep), and they are called "shin mai" aka new rice. It is sweeter, chewier and softer. I can't taste the difference between that and Jap usual "old rice", they are equally soft. Well, maybe the "shin mai" is slightly sweeter. I believe the water used in various countries affects the taste of food. Hokkaido's rice is very tasty whether they are old or new, Australia's coffee is definitely better than home. It's definitely the water!

We also had a bottle of wine, I'm actually attracted to the cat on the packaging.. (see? I'm a sucker!)

Cato Negro, Cabernet Savignon Rose 2007
Central Valley, Wine of Chile

It taste good though, light, fruity with a hint of strawberry. We can't finish it, so it's in the fridge now.

Japanese New  Crop food fair 7-12 Nov 2008
Isetan Scotts

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