Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Be strong

This year there will be a huge change for me. Something that I wanted since I was a kid and never got about to having it due to many reasons. I can cry about it, dream about it and pray about it but I never expect to have it till now. This is only the very beginning, my very first step in its entrance and there will be a long and (hopefully) less stressful years ahead. (haha) There is a long way ahead and I will have to be very focused and work very hard in order to be able to graduate.

My hubby is the greatest person to thank for he pushes me to dare to dream, dare to try and dare to cry if i fail to get in. Indeed, the application, test and interview were nerve wreacking and the waiting.. ooh the waiting to get the news makes my self doubts increases to a new high.

So I got in and I panicked again. Hard not to be stress when my work load is piling, self expectations increases and anxiety to get through this becomes overwhelming.


I picked up the Daily Bread and I flipped to the date 17 June 2013 and this appears. It's like God's message to me.

Because I have the opportunity, my insecurities creeps up on me. Opponents in many forms. Self, work mates and work loads. People may know about it and may choose to support me or may try ways and means to topple me. I may become my greatest enemy if I don't learn to control my thoughts and emotions.

Stay alert. Know myself. Listen to my body. Know when I'm self destructive. Be alert when others mean harm. Stay alert for God's wisdom and help.

Stand firm in the faith. Believe that I won't be left behind by God.

Show courage. So what if I may not be as smart. so what if I fail (Please no. too expensive to fail). I need to stand when I fall and learn to be a better person. Trials makes a person stronger. Makes a person believe.

Be strong. Stand up and move on.

Everything you do should be done in love. Amen.

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