Friday, June 21, 2013

All about Haze

PSI Updates

19 June 2013 - Top Pic by E,  bottom: catching the haze on the way back from the airport
19 June 2013: Highest record 321

20 June 2013: Yishun pond, View from KTPH

Picture by S, view from her place

Suffocated by the haze and a brilliant pinkish beautiful sunset

The haze has hit a high record today at 12PM. For once I'm glad I'm at work, in this nice air conditioned environment. It is horrible, the smell, the nausea and the headache plus siap siap eyes.

I need a new place and I'm gonna install air conditioned in every room! Sleeping in a non air conditioned room with windows shut and only with the fan is not so ideal now. The smell is suffocating. Sigh. Wonder how long it would take to subside and the impact it will have on my health and work next week.

Anyhow, it is VERY important to hydrate! Made numerous trips to the toilet today. Drank loads of H20 to quench the thirst and to ease the throat.

Hydration is important. Drank more than 2 litres at work.

And I gave myself a treat! The drink is not too bad. Basically sugar. haha. Well, there's wheat grass, supposedly an anti oxidant.

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