Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My first trip to Punggol

Last Sat, Z had a housewarming cum 1 month baby celebration. It was my first time at SengKang/ Punggol and boy, it was far! Rce came by and picked me up before going to Compasspoint to pick E. The joke was neither one of us knew where Compasspoint was! I though we had to go Woodlands (the shopping mall is Causeway point) but later realised that it's actually at Sengkang. Along the way on CTE, Rce looked at the petrol gauge and calmly said we need to pump petrol.. Wahahaha. Ok lah, there's another 1 bars before we reached "E" but it was so comical! Later when we picked E up and I told Rce.. "I think we have to pump petrol after the trip to Z place" and E started laughing saying we are so cute. (There were lots if Whatsapps activity on the expressway)

Anyhow, baby Claris was asleep and we ooh and aww at her cuteness and thick hair and catch up for an hr or so.

Afterwards, we dropped by a air con kopitiam looking cafe ( serves western and chineses food) and we had kopi and teh. The place is aptly named "The Coffee Place".

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