Thursday, October 22, 2009

Japan Short Notes #10

Day 11- 26/09/09

Today was a lazy day. Went to K's place for KFC lunch, salad, pretty maple bread and K made rice with seasoning ( I can't remember what it is called).

Lazed and watched Transformer 2 ( the p edition). The quality was really bad, subtitles all wrong and it "jumped" at certain scenes. *gasp* Anyway, from what I have managed to watch, I thought the story was rather comical, it doesn't seems as nice as the first part but I will watch it again when it's out on L DVD.

Had a lovely stroll to Toys R Us and I saw this which was rather cute for Lu.

Later, we found this, a reminisce of our childhood when bubble gum was Legal.

And later  at Lawson, this very cute rice ball packaging.

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