Sunday, December 21, 2008


Last night, Hubby and I went to for an oyster buffet at OSCAR'S - Conrad Hotel. The oysters were plentiful, fresh and were opened by the staffs as you choose.
There were 12 different types of oysters from Australia, France, Canada and Ireland. The biggest and chewy oysters are from Australia; and the France and Ireland oysters have a creamy texture.
I ate about 15 in total  ("0"), ok, that's not really alot. Haha.


I enjoyed the meal but I was stuffed really quickly. I ate turkey, lamb, sashimi, laksa and lychee chicken. I also had chocolate waffles (better than the waffles at Melting Pot), gingerbread ice cream (1st time I tasted it, very gingerish, haha), lavender and chocolate mousse and chocolates. No wonder I'm so full!

After we had dinner, we went for a walk around the fountain of Suntec City and took pictures with the Precious Moments figurines. We met up with D & L and chatted with them till 1130pm and caught the bus home.

Don't you  just love Christmas lights? The comfy feeling of the flickering lights? I love December wind and I love the scented candles of Conrad.

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