Saturday, December 13, 2008

Foot in his mouth

Yesterday I had a visit from a HDB guy regarding some noise investigations around the block. He doesn't know where the noise is from. He asked what are we doing with the utility room, do I pound stuffs in early morning and whether I played with marbles *er ??!!?* I told him cannot be, there are no kids here.

Anyway, he proceeded to ask who lives in the room and asked some other questions I can't remember. I only felt that he was weird and ma y be a con when he left. Then a realisation hit me that I'm careless! I didn't take take down his badge ID and full name! I remembered his surname though, so I called HDB and verified that he is not a con.

Ok, the most annoying part about the whole visit was when he was leaving...

Him: (looks at my family picture on the wall) is that your sister?
Me: That's me
Him: oh... looks different... with the glasses (I was wearing glasses at home)....(and almost a notch softer)..... you put on weight...
Me:.................... what the ....??!?!?!!?


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