Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gold Coast #3- Dreamworld .. Animals La La Land

Day 3 - 6th Sep 2007 (Thursday)

It continued raining. Today's weather was the wettest and our umbrella usage was the highest!
It kept raining and the wind was really cold.
We had a great time playing with the animals tho'.

We saw a Tiger performance.
What a huge animal. The animal keeper was feeding milk.

We stroked a baby crocodile/ alligator?

We really enjoyed feeding the baby farm animals.
Love the Lambs!
Was really happy.. They licked our hands. Die to hygiene reasons, we had to washed them thoroughly before feeding them.

That's their name..

Gandalf & Strider

Silly boy.. attempting to hump his companion after feeds.
Don't think he is fully matured to perform the act though. =D

A kid saying "HI"

An alpacas - native to South America


At the Crikey Show (or something like that), I was called to the "stage and helped out with their show". Basically, I helped to mixed flour, salt and water into a gooey mixture, leave it to bake on the fireplace and voila! it becomes a scone!
That's me, wondering why I got called.. (well, there were not many people around actually.. Hahaha)

We got to taste the scones later. It was pre-made of course. Soft and light. Will see it later when I post picture from our 4WD trip later.

We went for a Vintage car ride, mini train ride, shopped around, visited the set of "Big Brother" ( Not shown in Sg) and lastly when we ran out of things to do...
Ice cream! yum!

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