Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gold Coast #2 - Movieworld

Day 2- 5th Sep 2007 (Wednesday)

Slept like a baby. Totally knocked out! Rushed (as usual) to have breakfast in the hotel before taking the bus (door to door) at 1020 to Movieworld.

Movieworld is part of Warner Brothers. It's disppointingly small. Around 1/3 of disneyland - Tokyo? But learning to takie things easy and slow, we slowly walked, posed and queued for rides. Took pixs with Bugs Bunny, & Tweety.

Spied Wonder woman (sexy), Porky pig (cute),

Austin Powers (groovy), Batman (the body! with fake nipples *snickers*) and someone in green whom we didn't recognised (so sad for him.. no one took any pixs with him)
Also spied scooby doo & friends and the family of Shrek during the parade.

with Daffy duck.

The rides were fun! Especially superman escape!

it's heart stopping where you can be taken from 0 to 100km in 2 seconds! and it's so exciting, I couldn't stop screaming! The whole ride completed in mins. it's exhilerating!
I was initially hesitant about taking the ride after being scared off by Final Destination 3 where teh train got derailed and the people in the seats got flung off. And yes... the recent roller coaster incident in Tokyo where people go injured.

BUT!! I have got to take this ride! I have been trying out rides since I reached the height limits.. so I have got to! and I did! =))
The Shrek 4D performance was good with spiders on our feet and mucous from Donkey's nose and Twinklebell dangling right in front of us. Scooby doo ride was cool! Not too kiddy with the sharp turns in total darkness with disco lights swimming. Nice!

Last ride I chickened out was the Batman ride. The ejection ride aka Batman flying was not really my type. tried Drop zone before.. this is the opposite, seats were ejected high into the air instead of sudden drop from the top.
He sure had fun.
That's hubby on the extreme right.

check out Batman on the left and superman on the right.

Lunch we had hotdog. (Long dog). we shared our meal in order not to be too full for the rides,. but look at the hot dog!

it's huge! The hotdog, sandwich between baguette is huge! 6 inches?
You know, I love their fries. it's soft and taste really good. it's squishy.
With all these carbos i'm consuming.. i really put on weight.
weell... holidays are meant to eat, sleep and spend $$$$ (oh yeah).

Dinner, we decided to try pizza from across the road. We had one slice of Hawaiian & Pepperoni (AUD $3 each) and a beef and lamb kebab (AUD $ 6.90) and we bought a bottle of wine at AUD $12.99. Rosemount Estate Riesling and drank our fill.

It taste fruity, lime and pear, smooth finish , very full of flavour. Must say it taste good. First time I tried this type of grape.
Rosemount esate cost almost S$ 30 to S$ 40 per bottle in Sg. I love their Merlot but it's very ex. And between the 2 of us, it's hard to finish a bottle of wine.
The kebab meat is so soft and so plentiful. it's so good. I ate kebab at least 3 times this trip!

We kept all our drinks out in the balcony to keep them cool. The news informed that it will rain for the next 2 days. (Thurs and Fri). Oh boy. I didn't pack enough thick clothes and I need a scarf. *sniffles*

I should sleep.

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