Friday, October 3, 2014

A midday cuppa

Now that I've finally found the time to explore SIM and found the new Starbucks, I am a happy mooch :)
My caffeine tolerance has been rather low since I fell sick, I get jittery if I drink too much and I can't sleep at night. All messed up and never before unless I drank coffee after 7.30PM. Well, this experience taught me to listen to my body and treat it right, feeding it wholesome food and cutting down on cold drinks. Anyway, I compromised by allowing myself to drink Starbucks and cold coffee once in awhile. Otherwise it's always Kopi now, no more Kopi-peng much to the astonishment of my friends who gets me kopi.

It's Children Day and we get to leave 1 hour early. Yay! Long weekend this week and hoping to have some form of will power to do up my notes and study a bit.