Friday, July 15, 2011

A day with Penguin

my heart skips a beat when I looked through the glass and saw rows and rows of books lining the wall. Really. Like seriously, sub consciously, I said "Wah!"

it's a personal collection from the owners of Books Actually, around a thousand books. There was a guided tour explaining the histories of books from each panel. I saw books from my childhood (The Chrysalides is one of them) and lots of serious fiction.  The oldest book is from 1935 and there's books from different genre and collectible series. It's simply amazing. I can't imagine collecting books, because if I start, I would never stop and I can't, because I have no space. Unless I rent a storage space to keep all my books!

I can't wait to get my house and built a nice little house for my books. heh.

Ron and I were discussing which books that we are likely to collect. Books that we liked. We were tied between Alice in Wonderland and The secret garden. I like both. And I think I have 3 books of AIW (just because) and 1 TSG. I love beautiful covers and illustrations. So which title should  I concentrate on? And the owners of BA have about 20 books each of Animal Farm and books by an author I can't seems to remember right now.

Anyhow, I'm hunting for books by Enid Blyton too.

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