Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Static and changes

The GE could be a potentially devasting events. People lives could change for better or for worse. Families and friendships could end up on different spectrums as the debates goes on.

I could not remember the last time when I had an indepth discussion about politics or opinions or anything so "heavy" with anyone other then hubby. Mostly I steered away from these discussions. When opinions are not expressed correctly , it leads to misinterpretations.

I try to "talk less".

This time I observed the social and cultural phenomenum that has overtaken Singapore by storm. Something has changed, people are not afraid of speaking out and declaring their support for the opposition.

I was initially excited as it was going to be my "virgin" vote but further checks online shows that our estate belongs to Tanjong Pagar GCR. My inital excitement fizzles but we attended another rally last night near our estate.

Honestly I would be stressed if I had to vote. Much as I would like to have a change, I'm also fearful of too much changes and risking our country's stability. My one vote in 2.2 million odds is very small but that one vote could ignite a change. Everyone makes a difference.

Anyhow, that "stress" has been lifted.
On a fun note. I'm sharing this sticker we picked up yesterday.

It's based on the impression that GST has been increasing after every elections. It's very tongue in cheek and being a rally virgin, I get amused , amazed and entertained easily.

I'm very happy to be sharing my life with you. You constantly open my eyes to so many issues and perspectives.

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