Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vampire weekend

Yesterday was spent in the company of vampires. We watch "The Vampire Diaries" while I patiently explained how some of the casts became vampires, the mystery and history of 162 year old Stefan
and bad boy Damon and why Eleana looks like Katherine. We are now at eps 14, season 1.

Wanted to take a trip to Jelita to get some sprouts and ham but it started raining and we got lazy.

In goes "Eclipse" into the DVD player and another 110 mins passes.

I prefer the actors and actresses of Vamp diaries more than the Twlight saga. I didn't really thought much of it when Twlight was first shown, but after watching 2 diff shows back to back, I feel that somehow Rob Pattinson (Edward) fails to charm me as much as he did in Twlight. And Kristen Stewart (Bella) irritates me.

I need to google their actual names because they are not so popular in the media but gosh, the bad boy Damon is so cute in the devil may care ways and Stefan is so broodingly in thoughts. Well, Eleanor is the usual human amongst vampire and other lurking creatures (witches, werewolves) that are slowly revealed as the season moves on. She of course being a human needs lots of protections but she is not irritating and much prettier.

Anyway hubby being the man he is simply commented:
"The 2 vampires (Edward & Stefan) looks similar."

" The girl (Eleanor) is prettier and more suited for the role"

And lastly, something that's on my mind since we started watching "True Blood" and "Vamp D".....

" How can they have sex if they are dead?"

.... Hmmm...

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