Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last Thursday and a sad weekend

This is too much.. The clinic was suppsed to be opened at 1, I went down at 1.30 and I'm still waiting for the dr!!! It's now 2:10pm!


Last week was an upseting week... First was the usual work, where I received an email from my terrible low EQ boss who wanted to add additional studies to my currently long list of studies to be archived. She insinuated that alot of additional fund and help was given by admin and I still did not completed it, implying that I did not do
my work and am too slow. She doesn't understand that I need to check the dam TMF, put in NTF, and there are so many missing documents... I wonder why do I need to work do hard for her when others just don't care? But E and I have this issue... We just need to do the best to our conscience and it's just too bad if she still bad mouth us when we leaves.... It leaves a sour taste in my mouth when I think of the bad mouthing and her being unappreciative... But that's not within my control.

I have met people with bad EQ.. Some really tactless whom I wish would just go away.. But her? One of a kind. I always try to not dislike her so much for she was kind once but her actions speaks otherwise..


Shortly a couple of hours after that email, my MIL called hubby and asked us to go and see his granny for the last time. Sadly, we were late by 45mins and she passed on at 6.45pm, 13 Jan 11.

The last weekend was spent at the wake and we stood aside or helped with serving the friends who came to pay their respect as we did not participate in the Taoist rites. But hubby told me granny had led a good life. She died of lung cancer, diagnosed late last year.

Death is part of life, but it's so sad to see the coffin being led into the furnace.

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