Friday, August 14, 2009

as I watched the news

Since our Taiwan trip in July did not work out cos I was sick, we have been scouring newspaper for good bargain for our next trip. Hubby is only free from work in Sep so we are targeting that period. Hehe.. we can celebrate our 2 years wedding anniversary, 8 years pak tor anniversary and yes our birthdays!!!

we are looking at Taiwan or NZ. NZ is someplace I would like to go but keep putting off because of the flight distance and cost. But then again, it cost almost the same as the Hokkaido self drive or maybe cheaper.. but times are different.. we would have to work out the cost and see.

It is really so sad to watch the news and see how Taiwan is being devastated by the typhoon. Although I have never been physically there, I have watched ALOT of Taiwan programs to actually feel that I have been there and know some of the areas and lifestyle there.. so .. ya.

heart and mood don't feel really good lately.


I have been reading alot and am enjoying this escape while it last.
There are so many book blogs out there and I'm amazed there are peopl who reads more than 100 books per year! WOW!

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