Friday, July 17, 2009

I love being with you

So what do we do when we are together? We are a pretty boring couple. Well, other then trekking to my 2 favourite malls, shopping at supermarkets and spending time in bookstore and music store, and arcade too. We do like the Singapore Botanic Gardens although we haven't been visiting as much as we like. We often buy a loaf of bread and feed he turtles, fishes and on good days the swans.

The swans are awfully noisy eaters. They will accept the bread from your hands, soak it in water to soften them and chomp.

And they are in a pair, they moves gracefully together and I can tell they are so in love.

In the past, there used to be a duck, but we haven't seen it in awhile.

Look how in sync they are.

We love to eat, as you can tell. Since now Bakerzin has it's monthly promo, last month was 50% off cookies and cream cheesecake and this month cupcakes, we will definitely drop by if we can.

Food of all types. We are not vegetarian but Eatarian. It means we eat anything. Haha. 
Lame joke. ("o")

And of course Japanese food! It makes us happy! 

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