Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tigger & Duckie

As usual, I must start off with a nice cup of coffee. Promoting for Nescafe, the 30 cents drink is very nice, just small. I never knew vending machine coffee can taste good too. It's just along the corridor next to the office.

Here's me 2 cute friend, Tigger & Duckie to bring some cheer to my desk.

I get free food very often, because of meeting or some event or other. Good for lazy or busy days where the staff canteen seems so far away!

Oncology is very new to me. There are alot of terminology to learn and alot alot of things to read! Good to keep learning but brain do get confused when there are alot of things to read and understand. Reading new protocols do sometimes make me feel stupid and frustrated and I get upset when  I can't remember the procedures, processes and the many things that I keep trying to remember... oh gosh. Just don't like to feel stupid. Haha. Stressed!
And yes.. case notes are now thick with squiggly handwriting so eyes do get tired at the end of the day.

But I'm enjoying it so far. =)

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