Friday, April 11, 2008

Have you met my friend?

okay.. I know she doesn't look very hot .. that's because I woke her up from her sleep and she is glaring at me...

Anyway, just want to introduce you to my friend. She has been loitering around for many years and hubby and I had not got around to naming her.
All she is officially known is "My friend".
So there.. her name to us is "My friend" or "Your friend" when hubby sees her.
He would say things like your friend was sunbathing outside the lift this morning... heheeh

She would greet us with a meow (hello, good morning etc).

She is cute but getting on in ages. More of her when I take more pictures. She will sit outside my gate and meow for me lah.. so I don't really want to get too attached.

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